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170+ Locations

+1.5 Million Monthly Traffic

Our Values

Roots Marketing has 5 core values.  These values are extremely important to us, and are referred to when any major decision is being made.

Customers:  We are only happy if our customers are happy.  Roots Marketing will do whatever it takes to ensure our clients are satisfied and are getting strong results from their marketing campaign.

Community:  Roots Marketing ensures to be active in the communities we serve.  This is done by donating our services to local charities, working with the Chamber of Commerce, and attending and promoting events and fundraisers that are happening locally.  We understand the importance of corporate-social responsibility, and we enjoy giving back to the communities who allow us to do what we love.

Collaboration:  We are experts in marketing, but not in the industries of business that our clients are in.  This is why we work closely with our clients to understand their needs and desires, and the best possible way to fulfil them.  Roots Marketing also has relationships with high quality outsourcers that help make sure our clients campaigns are successful.

Environment:  Roots Marketing understands that there is much more to owning a business than striving to earn profits.  We work to ensure that we can have a strong triple-bottom-line (social, environmental and financial).  We work with businesses who’s values align with ours, and enjoy using our platform to promote companies and events that are focused on being eco-friendly.

Transparency:  We ensure that any company or organization that works with us understands what we are doing, as well as why are we doing it.  In addition, we will only work with parties who we feel will benefit from the services we provide, as we want to make sure everyone who works with us will have success and satisfaction.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is simple:  We help our clients and our team achieve their dreams.  There is no better feeling than seeing someone achieve their goals, and this is what we set out to do on a daily basis.

Our History

The Roots Marketing network began on the University of Guelph campus in 2006 — today, it stretches from Ajax to Windsor and everywhere in between. The network has grown to include over 400 locations and over a dozen communities in Southern Ontario.

Roots TV was franchised in 2010 and has expanded to include four franchise partners in Brantford, Cambridge, Hamilton, and Markham. Learn more about our franchisees here.

Today, the Roots TV Network offers a wide range of content, including local news and weather, trivia games, community event ads, host content, and local business ads. Learn more about the content on our TVs here.

View all the video advertising communities in our TV network across Ontario.

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