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Grow your business in Cambridge 

Roots Marketing has built a unique platform to help your business get noticed in the community.

The City of Cambridge was formed from the former communities of Galt, Preston, Hespeler, and Blair. Cambridge is one of the fastest growing and strongest economic areas of Canada (City of Cambridge, n.d.). The city lies in one of the most heavily industrialized areas of Canada (Britannica, 2018). In the past 10 years, roughly one third of investments have been towards the new residential sector (City of Cambridge, n.d.).

​​Roots Marketing has established a network of TVs located in high-traffic consumer environments in Cambridge, including restaurants, retail stores, medical centres, salons, and more.

Your business can play video ads directly to the people you want to reach in your community, communicate key messages about your products and services, and engage people who are already in a purchasing mindset.

The Roots Marketing TV Network provides an affordable solution for out-of-home advertising that helps businesses get noticed.

Cambridge Franchise Partner

About Kevin Sinclair

Kevin is the owner of Roots Cambridge, which include the communities of Galt, Hespeler, and Preston. Kevin loves to help organizations in the area get noticed by consumers and is incredibly passionate about growing the local community, using the Roots Marketing TV Network.

Aside from his love for the Cambridge community, Kevin is also a huge music fan and enjoys tinkering with all things of a mechanical nature. If you want to get a conversation started with Kevin, ask him about his favourite bands!

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