Content Creation

Roots Marketing can develop the right content that makes your business stand out from its competitors. Our team conducts detail-oriented content sessions with our clients, taking the time to understand their business and what they hope to convey. Content sessions are included with each content creation service that we offer.

What We Offer

Custom Blogs

A custom blog posted on your website is an invaluable resource. Quality content provides great information to your clients, drives traffic to your website, increases lead generation, and directly impacts your search engine optimization (SEO), meaning more eyes on your business. Roots Marketing has experienced copywriters, who meet will meet with you to develop custom content that makes your business stand out.


Copywriting refers to the written content used to promote your product or service. High-quality copywriting helps readers understand what you are selling, and most importantly, why that product or service is beneficial. Copywriting improves your businesses search engine optimization (SEO).


The goal of our custom videography is to create professional, memorable media that helps your business stand out. Roots Marketing utilizes a detailed step-by-step process to ensure your quality content is relevant and effective. We start by storyboarding your content, complete a pre-shoot with our dedicated videographer, visit your business for a day of filming, and then produce the videos to create the perfect final product. Our clients are the sole owners of their video content and can leverage that asset on multiple platforms. The content remains relevant for approximately 5 years.

Video Creation

Roots Marketing creates cost-effective, professional quality in-house videos for clients that want to stand out. Our team typically creates videos 20-30 seconds long that can be leveraged on our video advertising network or social media.

Social Media Graphic Design

Our in-house team of graphic designers help ensure the success of your business. We produce high-quality, professional content that will make your business appear more professional and trustworthy. We create custom content with consistent branding that can be leveraged on various platforms.