New Businesses

New businesses need to spread the word. Our New Business Program can help your company hit the ground running.

Spread the word.

It’s a challenge to start a company from the ground up. It requires courage and a lot of hard work to become a success. Our Roots Marketing team is ready to support your new venture. Our New Business Program invests in your organization and helps raise awareness for your products or services in the community. We offer a wide range of online marketing services – including digital marketing campaigns, video advertising, web design, content creation, and recruitment – to help new businesses get noticed.

  • Showcase specials, sales, or discounts on a seasonal basis
  • Highlight high-margin products that will help increase your profits
  • Raise awareness about different services that you want to grow

And much more. Our Root Marketing TV network enables your business to reach into the heart of its local community, creating opportunities to connect with ideal clients. Your new business benefits from hyper-local targeting, consistent messaging, affordable visibility, and a cost-effective solution to help you get noticed in your community.

We’ll Help Your Business Grow

Advertising Agencies

Create greater value for your client’s advertising budget. Leverage our extensive partner networks and provide increased visibility for your clients in communities across Ontario.

Local Businesses

Become a staple in your local community by using our wide range of online marketing services to showcase your specials, highlight high-margin products, or raise awareness for your services.

Regional Businesses

Improve awareness and visibility for your regional business by using our online marketing services to achieve a consistent message 365 days of the year.

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