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Nov 25, 2022 | 0 comments

Over the last month, our TV hosting locations have been surrounded by 3.51 Million mobile devices. With an average frequency visitor return rate of 1.2x and a dwell time of 9.59 minutes. Having our clients ads displayed on TV’s in such high traffic areas, helps to create brand recognition and allows for community visibility. 

Success Stories

Over the past few months, many of our clients have been feeling the impact of the pandemic and have turned to us to bring their ideas to life! With the need for labour, recruitment campaigns have been a common request. As the world has turned digital, video creation has given organisations a way to make their content easily consumable. Creating these videos allows for a higher engagement and in turn creates conversions. We have created multiple short videos for clients to showcase job opportunities, highlight the culture, display benefits, and more. Using these ads on social media, we have then been able to lead individuals directly to a fully customised landing page that allows individuals to apply with just one of a click of a button! Check out the new landing page with embedded with videos created for Chudleigh’s Bakery:

As a typical website should be updated every 5 years to remain relevant, Elmira’s Pet Products came to us looking to invest into their marketing. With a goal of gaining employees, we were able to develop a full website overhaul. With the creation of a new careers page, we were able to drive traffic to this page using a call to action, with a click conversion rate of 50%! We also helped their site become more user friendly, visually appealing and content heavy. Integrating new videos and photos, our goal was to give applicants an easy way to learn more about the company and why they should apply! Give it a look:

New Partnership: 

Roots Marketing is excited to announce our new partnership with Chameleon Digital Media. This allows us to use location-based data as the foundation to understand people’s movements for business insights or audience targeting. For example, what better way to find a Health Conscious Consumer other than seeing them at a health club three times a week, eating at vegan restaurants and visiting farmers’ markets on the weekend?

If you’re interested in investing in your business, contact us today to learn more about our services!


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