Trust Your Gut

Mar 2, 2023 | 0 comments

Many business resources help guide you in the right direction, but none are more trustworthy than your gut. Time and again, I am taught this lesson. When reflecting on decisions, I think back to my first impression. I can tell the outcome of a situation just based on my emotions at the time.
Have you ever left a meeting feeling uncomfortable or uneasy? Usually, that is your gut telling you something is wrong with the situation. Trust that feeling!
A long time ago, I was meeting with a potential client, and he wanted to work together. He talked about past connections with gangs and what he did to people who screwed him over. I spoke to my business partner, and we both left with an uneasy feeling. However, we needed the business and proceeded to have a working relationship with the client. He ended up changing his legal business name, and the cheques bounced. Long story short: it wasn’t a good relationship.
No matter what point your business is at, act like you don’t need the new sale. I know it’s hard when the bank account is low, but this strategy will work better than taking on bad clients.
Listen to your thoughts and emotions and reflect on them after you meet someone. If you are about to spend your valuable time working with someone, make sure you make the right decision. Trust your gut that this is a good relationship.
Rarely will you leave a meeting with big red flags, but you will avoid these bad decisions when you remember that you don’t need the business. It’s also good to reflect on the situation and discuss the problem with friends and colleagues to help you make the right choice.
Good luck, and trust your gut!


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